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Camella Dumaguete Overview

Property Developer: Camella Homes
Project Location: Palinpinon Road, Barangay Candau-ay, Dumaguete City
Turnover Date: Preselling
Unit Sizes: 66 sqm to 110 sqm
Price Range: Php 1.6M to Php 3M

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Camella Dumaguete Philippines

Camella Dumaguete By Camella Homes

Camella Dumaguete is one of the two major establishments of Camella. It is a sprawling community set with old age charm. The main focus of the property is the fact that it keeps you in touch with the historical side of the city without making it to ancient.

It is a beautiful prime residential community with breath taking views. It is easily accessible through any highway that crosses the city making it the perfect place to raise your family. The peace and quiet of this estate lets you spend quality time with your loved ones.

The major attractions of this establishment are the amazing Negros Oriental Twin Peaks which can be seen from the property. The breathtaking view itself is worth a lot. Often people who live in such huge estates feel that they might not get the basics of their city life but in reality it is the opposite. While living in this property you would have all the necessary amenities at your disposal whenever you might want them. Also the location of the property is such that it lets you enjoy your fair share of city life.

Every resident has the privilege to enjoy the real comforts of home and everyday pleasure of coming home to a secure and beautiful community. Which is the most essential factor for any individual, and Camella Dumaguete fulfills it to the height.

Security is the most essential element when it comes to the Camella Dumaguete provides a round the clock security and a perimeter fence to give its residents a good night sleep and a safe environment for their kids to grow in.

The second most important thing in a community development like this is a place for families to spend their time in a fun way and that can be sort after with the clubhouse or the parks and playgrounds that are a must have in the list of these developers. Even if you are looking to get away from the pathetic summer and are finding a place to relax in then the in house swimming pool is the perfect spot to do that.

Dumaguete City is the capital of Negros Oriental with more than 130,000 inhabitants according to the 2015 census. The city holds the nickname “The City of Gentle People.” It is also referred to as a university city and is a popular destination for students from other provinces who wish to take tertiary education. It has been a city that boasts of natural wonders and outdoor activities for the adventure-seeking individuals. It has also been considered to be one of the safest place in the country with a low cost of living. Dumaguete City has also been listed as 5th in the list of Forbes Magazine’s “7 Best Places to Retire Around the World.”


Camella is one of the largest builders of residential properties in the Philippine real estate industry and a subsidiary of the Vista Land Company. To date, they have completed over 400,000 homes across almost 40 provinces, 104 cities and municipalities all over the Philippines. They have delivered 23 community development projects. And over the years, they have utilized modern technology in successfully delivering quality yet affordable homes for Filipinos.

Camella Homes have been experts in developing both condominium and house and lot projects. They did not only focus on areas in the National Capital Region, but also distributed their expertise in building quality homes across other towns and cities such as Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, Cavite, Pangasinan, Quezon, Rizal, Cebu, Iloilo, Leyte, Bukidnon, Davao del Norte, Davao del Sur, Zamboanga del Sur, Zamboanga Zibugay, Bohol, Aklan, Camarines Sur, Pampanga, Palawan and many others. They have literally dominated the entire Mega Manila, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Dumaguete City is one of the preferred locations for putting up residential developments because of the sights, leisure and accessibility it offers. With this, Camella Homes has established two of its large-scale house and lot developments on the wonderful city.

Camella Homes Dumaguete is one of the two house and lot developments undertaken by Camella in Negros Oriental, the other being the newly developed Camella Homes Negros Oriental which has a total size of 9 hectares. The house and lot property has a gross land area of 3.5 hectares. Camella Homes Dumaguete is located along Palinpinon Road, Brgy. Candau- ay, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental. Meanwhile, Camella Homes Negros Oriental is located at Diversion Road, Brgy. Cantil-e Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental.

A Home with a View of Nature

The properties at Camella Dumaguete will showcase an elegant Italian- inspired community that is a short distance away and a few minutes’ drive away from some of Negros Oriental’s premiere natural wonders and outdoor recreational activities such as dolphin and whale watching in Bais Bay, hiking and mountaineering at Mount Talinis, scuba diving in Apo Island and many others. It gives homeowners an amazing view of the Negros Oriental Twin Peaks.

We appeal best to newly-wed couples, start-up families, singles who are looking for a long-term investment and retirees who have decided to settle down in a good home surrounded by greeneries and wonderful landscapes. Our selling point lies in our capacity to provide peaceful environment for residents away from the noise and stress of busy city streets.

The project aims to deliver self-sustaining residential developments that give people of all ages, status and occupation the opportunity to reside in a peaceful and promising community. It gives residents a break from the hustles of the city life and shift to a relaxing and more comfortable environment.

The property is expected to have 148 units with prices ranging from Php 1.3 million to Php 4.5 million. There are various 2-storey house models available depending on the buyer’s preference, family size or lifestyle. In selecting the right house size, it is best to know about the structure and capacity of the home you are planning to purchase. This will also help you decide the possible payment terms available for your monthly income or paying capacity.

House Models

  • Rina is a model house with 2 bedrooms and a toilet and bath. House type is single firewall. It has a floor area of 40 sq. m. or 430.40 sq. ft.. The minimum lot area is 88 sq. m. or 946.88 sq. ft. Price range is around Php 1.6 million. Balcony and car garage is provisional.
  • Marga is a house unit with 2 bedrooms, a toilet and bath, a spacious living room, a dedicated dining and kitchen area. House type is single firewall. It has a floor area of 46 sq. m. or 494.96 sq. ft. The minimum lot area is 88 sq. m. or 946.88 sq. ft. Price range is around Php 1.7 million. Balcony is provisional.
  • Mara is a 3-bedroom house with 2 toilet and baths. House type is single firewall. It has a floor area of 53 sq. m. or 570.28 sq. ft. The minimum lot
  • area is 88 sq. m. or 946.88 sq. ft. Price range is around Php 2.07 million. Balcony and car garage is provisional.
  • Carmela has 3 bedrooms, 2 toilet and baths, dining and kitchen. House type is single firewallIt has a floor area is 65 sq. m. or 699.40 sq. ft. The minimum lot area is 88 sq. m. or 946.88 sq. ft. Price range is around Php 2.2 million. Balcony and car garage is provisional.
  • Drina has 3 bedrooms, 1 maid’s room, 3 toilet and baths, a spacious living room, a dedicated dining and kitchen area. It has a floor area of 83 sq. m. or 893.08 sq. ft. The minimum lot area is 99 sq. m. or 1,065.24 sq. ft. Price range is around Php 2.6 million. Balcony and car garage is provisional.
  • Finally, Elaisa has 4 bedrooms, 3 toilet and baths and a maid’s room. It has a floor area of 97 sq. m. or 1,043.72 sq. ft. The minimum lot area is 110 sq. m. or 1,183.60 sq. ft. Price range is around Php 3.04 million. Balcony and car garage is provisional.

The single firewall house type means it utilizes a single layer of firewall made using concrete blocks or reinforced concrete and concrete. Rina and Marga house models best fit families with four members. While Mara, Carmela, Drina and Elaisa fits more family members and a private space for a hired maid or driver. The abovementioned house units are part of the Classic Home Series offered to interested Camella Homes Dumaguete buyers.


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Camella Homes Camella Dumaguete in Dumaguete City, Philippines is a premier House & Lot project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Camella Dumaguete, then check here first. We have full details of Camella Dumaguete updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping or showroom visit, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. Always only buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents.

Camella Dumaguete - LOCATION

Camella Dumaguete Location

Camella Dumaguete - AMENITIES

Camella Dumaguete Amenities

Camella Dumaguete - Price List

Camella Dumaguete For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Prices Area(sq.m.) Notes
Rina Single Firewall ₱ 1,688,773 Floor Area - 40 sqm/ Lot Area - 54 sqm
Marga Single Firewall ₱ 1,763,276 Floor Area - 46 sqm/ Lot Area - 63 sqm
Marga Single Firewall ₱ 2,074,122 Floor Area - 53 sqm/ Lot Area - 88 sqm
Carmela Single Firewall ₱ 2,205,596 Floor Area - 65 sqm/ Lot Area - 88 sqm
Drina Single Firewall ₱ 2,635,171 Floor Area - 83 sqm/ Lot Area - 99 sqm
Elaisa Single Firewall ₱ 3,035,522 Floor Area - 97 sqm/ Lot Area - 110 sqm

Why Invest In  Camella Dumaguete

Italian-inspired community

Here in Negros Oriental, you can seldom find a house and lot community for sale, especially in Dumaguete City where homes are styled with a Mediterranean theme, not unlike the Camella Dumaguete, the flagship residential development project of Camella Homes ( a Vista Land Company) in this city which is an Italian-inspired community that sits in a 3.5-hectare of prime land. Kudos to its builder, the Camella Dumaguete is a classic rendition of modern homes and a naturally beautiful community surrounded and laced with an oasis of fruit-bearing trees, pine trees, and lush greenery inside a famous city. This well-endowed community is also equipped with the most modern amenities and facilities that will last for generations which make your investment low-risk with the greatest possibility of higher property appreciation in a short span of time.

Safest community in Dumaguete

The Camella Dumaguete Negros Oriental is built on solid foundation including its offered homes. The entrance gate itself is well-entrenched amid a landscaped garden that will greet you first and foremost before you enter the sublime subdivision. There is a guardhouse that is guarded round-the-clock. The site is engulfed with a massive perimeter fence with well-manicured hedges on its line. There are also roving guards who patrol the area 24/7. The entire community is served by an underground drainage system to prevent flooding while there is uninterrupted water distribution system to ensure a continuous supply of water and an efficient power system to power up homes and utilities. There are standby generators to ensure uninterrupted services of prime utilities inside the premises. There are also adequate fire hydrants in every corner of the property for emergencies. Overall, the security of the homeowners is the utmost concern of the management, in any type of weather and situations.

A great place for retirees

The Camella Dumaguete sits on a 3.5-hectare of property offering some of Camella Homes’s ideal houses with prime lot cuts. This city is also a great location for retirees who want to spend the rest of their lives in a wonderful community that does not only provide an ideal location to sustain aging with style. While beautiful and functional Italian-inspired homes are offered in this wonderful enclave, the site also offers proximity to some of the city’s great adventures which retirees would like to spend with great pleasure. The Camella Dumaguete is less than 8km from Bais Bay, where white sand beaches abound and outdoor adventures, such as whale and dolphin watching are the norms. Retirees and even young families that would settle in the Camella Dumaguete, could also dive in the nearby Apo Island or mountain climbing in the hills of Mt. Talinis. It is certainly a great idea to have a home and investment at the Camella Dumaguete Negros Oriental, where more pleasures are easy to find.

5 house models to choose from/awesome amenities

Camella Dumaguete offers 5 of Camella Homes Classic Design Series which include Rina, Marga, Carmela, Mara, and the Drina. Houses come in 2-Storey Townhouses in Single Firewall configuration. Homes have 2-3 bedrooms, 1-3 toilet and bath, with floor area range of 40 to 97sqm and a lot area range of 54 to 110sqm. Selected units have carport/s, maid’s room, master’s bedroom with its own T&B, balcony, lawn, porch, lanai, and roomy areas for living, dining, and kitchen areas. Another good thing about Camella Dumaguete is its first-class amenities integrated with functional facilities that truly serve the residents well. The site has a sprawling swimming pool, parks, and playground, basketball court, pool deck, picnic areas, gazebo, jogging and biking paths, clubhouse, gazebo, function rooms, shuttle service to and from the site, commercial area, and so much more important features.

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